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Permission To Gather / Verify Data

You give Haulible permission to verify the information you provided to us in this application. We may also use the information you provided to gather additional data. This information may come from a number of sources, including but not limited to consumer shipping boards and consumer review websites. Upon pick up of the vehicle you consent to electronic payments via ach debit or credit, we will use the information you give us to process those payments.

Consent For Electronic Signatures, Records, And Disclosures

You give your consent to electronic disclosures. This consent informs you of your rights when receiving legally required disclosures, notices and information from Haulible LLC.

Option for Paper or Non-Electronic Records. You may request any electronic disclosures, electronic records, and contract documents ("Disclosures") by emailing us at info@haulible.com or by mailing your written request to 8900 State Line Road suite 230, Leawood, KS 66206. We will provide paper copies at no charge, and we retain all Disclosures as applicable law requires.

Scope of Consent. Your Consent and our agreement to conduct transactions electronically apply to all transactions between you and Haulible LLC. By exercising Your Consent, Haulible LLC will process your information and interact electronically during this transaction and any future online transactions. We will also send you notices related to your information and other notices electronically.

Hardware and Software Considerations. Before you decide to do business electronically with Haulible LLC, you should consider whether you have the required hardware and software capabilities described herein. To access and retain the Disclosures electronically, you will need to use the following computer software and hardware: A PC or MAC compatible computer or other device capable of accessing the Internet and an Internet Browser software program that supports at least 128 bit encryption, such as Microsoft© Internet Explorer, Google Chrome© Mozilla Firefox©, Opera©, Maxthon©, Avant Browser©, PhaseOut©, Deepnet Explorer©, SpaceTime©, or Safari©. If at any time during this transaction these requirements change in a way that creates a material risk that you may not be able to receive Disclosures electronically, we will notify you of these changes. You will need a printer or a long-term storage device, such as your computer's disk drive, to retain a copy of the Disclosures for future reference. By Your Consent, you confirm that you are able to access and view records and documents in HTML format. For questions regarding the hardware and software requirements, you may email us at info@haulible.com or write to us at 8900 State Line Road suite 230, Leawood, KS 66206.

Withdrawing Consent. You may withdraw Your Consent at any time and at no charge by emailing us at customerservice@haulible.com or writing to us at the address above with the details of your request. However, withdrawing Your Consent (1) does not change the legal effect, validity, and enforceability of prior electronic Disclosures, and (2) prevents you from doing future business with us online.

Changes to Your Contact Information. You must keep us informed of any change in your email address or mailing address. You can do this by sending an email to info@haulible.com or by writing to us at the address above.

Consent to be Contacted

By submitting your contact information with us, you are expressly consenting to be contacted by us via telephone, voicemail messaging, text messaging, email messaging, or postal mail with no regard to the Do-Not-Call Registry or similar registries.

By submitting your contact information with us, you authorize Haulible LLC, to contact you regarding your application and shipment servicing, payment reminders and notices, or for collections and other shipping-related issues.

By applying for or beginning an application to receive our services, you are registering for an account with us and consenting to being contacted by us via written notices, email messages, text messages, or telephone, at any email address or mailing address we have for you in our records or from other public and nonpublic databases we may lawfully access. Specifically related to telephone calls, you also consent to the use of voice messages at any number associated with your account, inclusive of mobile numbers that could result in additional charges to you from your mobile provider, for matters related to your account with us. You also authorize Haulible LLC, LLC to contact various third party sources to verify the information you have provided to us on your application.

Shipment Liability Statement

1. This Agreement between the end user requesting a shippment quote, (hereinafter referred to as "Customer"), and Haulible LLC, (hereinafter referred to as "Haulible"), designates only Haulible LLC to act as their booking agent to attempt reservation with a transport car carrier, (hereinafter referred to as "Carrier"). For the purposes of this agreement, "vehicle" refers to all items being shipped the Carrier through Haulible LLC on behalf of the Customer, including but not limited to single vehicles, multiple vehicles and freight, Customer acknowledges that Haulible LLC pre-negotiates certain rates with carriers to facilitate the booking of reservations on Customer's behalf. Customer also acknowledges that Haulible LLC provides services to facilitate such booking of reservations for a consideration (the "booking fee"). The total rate displayed ("reservation fee") on the quote is a combination of the pre-negotiated Carrier rate on your behalf by Haulible LLC and the booking fee retained by Haulible LLC for their services. All prices shown are in U.S. dollars. You agree that your credit card will be charged by Haulible LLC for either the booking fee or total reservation price as specified in the Payment Disclosure Agreement. As the Customer's agent, Haulible LLC is hired to attempt to book a reservation with a Carrier that maintains insurance, and Customer acknowledges and agrees that Haulible LLC may rely solely on Certificates of Insurance provided by Carrier to determine the existence of said insurance, Haulible LLC will not be held liable by the Customer for any invalidity of any documents presented to them by said Carrier. Customer agrees and acknowledges that the duties of Haulible LLC are solely limited to these duties and Customer agrees that in no event shall Haulible LLC have any responsibility or liability for the inspection, loading, transport, delivery, or unloading of the vehicle/item. If the vehicle being shipped is valued higher than the market value for any reason, Haulible LLC highly suggests that the Customer acquire a special insurance rider and/or opt for enclosed transport.

2. HAULIBLE LLC does not agree to arrange shipment in time for any particular market or event and will not be responsible for loss or damages occasioned by delays of any kind or for any reason. Vehicle/item rentals will not be reimbursed/afforded except if it falls under the category of a reimbursed rental, which is outlined in section 21. No pick-up and/or delivery dates/times are fully guaranteed. First available dates are estimates and not guaranteed windows for booking/scheduling, they are only the first set of dates for availability. Delays may occur prior to, and/or during transport. Customer is required to allow an additional 5 business days after first available dates for reservation in the event of any blackout dates and/or over-booked Carriers. In the event of any blackout dates or over-booked Carriers, Haulible LLC cancellation terms and refund policies will remain in effect. Additional fees charged for any non-honored guaranteed date/time will be refunded.

3. Any and all claims that may occur will be settled at actual cost and addressed only to the Carrier, or to the Carriers insurance policy without exception as required by USDOT. Any damage claim must be submitted within 24 hours of delivery, and the damage must be clearly noted on the BOL on delivery but not on pickup. Should the Customer fail to mark the damage on the BOL at delivery, any damage claim will be considered null and void. It is the Customer's responsibility to thoroughly inspect and verify the condition of the vehicle upon delivery, regardless of time or weather conditions. Haulible LLC and the Carrier will not accept responsibility for any damage that was not marked on the delivery BOL. Customer agrees and acknowledges that they will hold Haulible LLC harmless from any and all claims and all requests of recompense. Carrier will not be responsible for damage caused by acts of God, or damage resulting from worn/broken parts of vehicle/item. All loose parts/accessories must be removed and secured. Any part of vehicle/item that falls off during transport is the Customer's responsibility including damages caused by said part to any vehicle and/or person(s) involved. Customer must disarm, or give keys to, any alarm system installed in the vehicle. In the event said alarm sounds, Carrier may silence alarm by any means. Vehicle must be completely empty except for factory installed equipment unless otherwise specified by notation by Haulible LLC on this contract.

4. Payment Disclosure Agreement: The Carrier, and/or Haulible LLC will notify the Customer prior to pick-up and/or delivery within 3 hours or more of scheduled pick-up time ("ample notice"). It is the Customer's responsibility to have any payment due when the Carrier arrives in the designated payment method, generally cash or other certified funds. In order to facilitate pickup and delivery, the Customer agrees to meet the Carrier at any specified time and place without exception. The Customer shall, in their absence, designate a person over 18 years of age to act as their agent at the point of pick-up and/or delivery, if for any reason they are unavailable. The designated agent must be identified to Haulible LLC before the Carrier arrives at pickup or delivery for the safety and protection of the Carrier and the vehicle. The Customer agrees that any delays occasioned by Customer's failure to release/receive vehicle within ample notice of scheduled pick-up time will be subject to a rescheduling fee of $75.00.

5. All payments for the Carrier will be electronically and processed by Haulible, unless a prior arrangement is agreed upon. The Customer agrees that if the payment cannot be made by these methods, or should the Customer be unable to accept delivery for any reason, the vehicle/item will be stored at the Customer's expense. Any and all storage and delivery charges will be the responsibility of the Customer and not the Carrier or Haulible LLC under any circumstances.

6. The Customer agrees that their vehicle will be ready for pickup at any time within their designated window. Haulible LLC will call, text, and/or email the Customer to inform them that their order has been assigned to a carrier and a driver has been dispatched to pick up their vehicle. At this time, the Customer's card on file will be charged for the agreed upon deposit, and the driver will be given permission to head to the pickup location to load the vehicle. In the event that the Customer does not respond quickly to the contact attempt, Haulible LLC will not wait for a response from the Customer to approve the dispatch. The Customer agrees to keep all lines of communication open and check them regularly during the entire pickup window during HAULIBLE LLC's business hours (8am to 8pm EST seven days a week). Should the Carrier arrive for pickup and the vehicle not be ready for pickup, Haulible LLC and the Carrier will not be held responsible for any delays, nor will they be held financially responsible for any fees incurred by the delay or the relisting of the vehicle under any circumstances. This includes but is not limited to any storage fees at dealerships or auctions and any parking fees for paid parking lots.

7. In the event that the Customer requires a change in their pickup window after a driver has already been assigned to the transport, Haulible LLC reserves the right to charge a $25 re-posting fee.

8. The Customer agrees that if the vehicle becomes inoperative for any reason, an additional charge of at least $150.00 will be added and must be collected before delivery. A vehicle is considered inoperable if it does not roll, brake, and/or steer, but may also be considered inoperable for other reasons as well. This list includes, but is not limited to, a bad battery, bad alternator, loose cables, flat or punctured tires, engine failure, and bad brakes. If Haulible LLC is not notified by the Customer of the inoperable status before the Carrier is dispatched to pick up the vehicle and the Carrier is not able to pick up the vehicle for any reason, Haulible LLC and the Carrier will accept no responsibility for a delay in pickup. If a new carrier must be assigned to pick up the vehicle due to the inoperable status, the Customer's pickup window will shift to reflect this change and Haulible LLC and the Carrier will not be held responsible for any monies owed due to this delay. On or after pickup, should the vehicle be anything other than the dimensions stated, Customer must pay any and all excess fees requested or incurred, or adhere to cancellation terms. The Customer agrees that Haulible LLC has the right to cancel this Transportation Agreement for any reason at will in the event of any discrepancies. In the event of cancellation on the side of HAULIBLE LLC, Haulible LLC will refund any partial amount(s) due accordingly per the refund and cancellation policy terms of the agreement.

9. The Customer agrees that the vehicle being shipped matches the dimensions and specifications provided to Haulible LLC by the Customer. If the vehicle are found to be oversized or to have non-stock features, including but not limited to dual or oversized wheels, extra-large body, racks, lifted, limo, etc., and this information was not disclosed to Haulible LLC at the time of booking, the Customer agrees to pay any and all additional fees to the Carrier at either pickup or delivery. Should the vehicle not be as described and this results in the Carrier not being able to transport the vehicle, the Customer agrees that the pickup window will be shifted to allow Haulible LLC to assign a new driver who is able to transport the vehicle, and agrees to an additional charge of at least $150 to cover any dry run and administrative fees that Haulible LLC will incur due to the misinformation.

10. Should the Customer's experience with the Carrier be negative for any reason, the Customer agrees to refrain from leaving any negative reviews about or requesting any discounts from HAULIBLE LLC. The Customer understands and agrees that the conduct and/or punctuality of the Carrier is not the responsibility of HAULIBLE LLC, and any refunds or discounts for the portion of the transport that is the Carrier's responsibility must be requested from the Carrier and not from Haulible LLC under any circumstances. The Customer also acknowledges and agrees that Haulible LLC is not responsible for the Carrier's actions or conduct, and any publicly posted reviews must be solely about the service that Haulible LLC provided and not about the Carrier's service. Should the Customer wish to leave a review about the Carrier, Haulible LLC will provide links to the proper websites to leave these reviews for the Carrier.

11. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that the Carriers cargo insurance policy may have limits of liability and/or deductibles, and that Haulible LLC will be held harmless for any damages as required by the USDOT. The Carrier will hold a zero-dollar deductible for the Customer and is responsible for any deductible or fees that may incur from a damage claim. Should the Carrier's insurance fail for any reason and Haulible LLC have to step in with their insurance, the responsibility of the deductible will fall on the Carrier first. If the Carrier refuses to take responsibility for the deductible, the monetary responsibility of the deductible will fall on the Customer. Haulible LLC will not be held responsible for the deductible for any reason.

12. Any provision or portion thereof in this agreement found to be prohibited by law shall be ineffective to the extent of such prohibition without invalidating the rest of this agreement. Such prohibition shall only be pertinent to that specific circumstance and will not invalidate provision from all other circumstances. The Customer agrees that they have a full understanding of this Agreement, are over 18, and able to enter into the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Any agent acting on behalf of the Customer acknowledges they are a fully authorized agent able to enter into this Agreement on behalf of said Customer/owner.

13. HAULIBLE LLC does not guarantee that the Customer's vehicle will be assigned to any specific carrier or driver. Haulible LLC agrees not to assign any transport to any carrier that has been placed on the banned list for misconduct or any other reason. The Customer reserves the right to refuse a carrier that Haulible LLC has assigned to their transport, but the Customer agrees and acknowledges that this may cause a delay in pickup that Haulible LLC will not be held responsible for under any circumstance, and the Customer will not pursue any refund or discount in this case.

14. The Customer agrees that this is the only Agreement between the parties governing this booking and that no other Agreement is, or will be in effect, with any other booking agency without prior cancellation notice to HAULIBLE LLC. Should Customer make any other Agreement with another agency during the Agreement with HAULIBLE LLC, Haulible LLC has the right to cancel the booking request and Customer must adhere to cancellation and refund terms herein. Haulible LLC reserves the right to charge a double-booking fee of up to $300 in the event that the Customer enters into an agreement with another agency while this agreement is still active, or if the Customer enters into this agreement with Haulible LLC while the Customer is still in an active agreement with another agency and does not terminate the active agreement.

15. Customer will abide by the terms of this whole agreement to handle any dispute. The Customer agrees that this agreement shall supersede any and all verbal statements given at any time by any employee of HAULIBLE LLC. By signing this contract via physical signature, or electronically, The Customer acknowledges that they have read the Terms and Conditions, understand them wholly, and will agree to them unconditionally. The Customer confirms that the information provided is accurate and acknowledges that any inconsistency may reflect a change in the shipping cost that must be paid before delivery of the vehicle.

16. This Agreement shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Kansas and any and all actions, causes of actions or lawsuits brought by either party shall and must be brought in Johnson County, Kansas or by the local United States District Court. Customer agrees that the services provided by Haulible LLC for Customer were solely in the state of Kansas and any and all actions and/or obligations to be conducted by Haulible LLC under this Agreement would have been done or were done solely in the State of Kansas . Customer agrees that any judgment obtained in violation of this provision against Haulible LLC shall be deemed null and void. Should Haulible LLC be required to enforce or defend any provision of this Agreement or be involved in any legal proceedings as Plaintiff or Defendant, Customer shall be responsible for, and shall pay any and all costs and attorney(s) fees incurred by HAULIBLE LLC. Facsimile/Electronic copies of signatures to this agreement shall be treated as originals.

17. Services Rendered: The Customer acknowledges that they are paying Haulible LLC a booking fee, not a transport fee. Haulible LLC provides services to facilitate such booking of reservations for a consideration (the "booking fee"). Haulible LLC makes no warranty for the reservation service. Once an order has been assigned a driver, services have been rendered and the booking fee is rightfully due and owed to Haulible LLC by the Customer and cannot be contested through a refund request or a chargeback dispute. Should the Customer breach this contract and dispute the charge for the booking fee paid to Haulible LLC after a driver has been assigned and the dispute is closed in the Customer's favor, Haulible LLC reserves the right to process the fee again to collect the monies owed. Should the monies owed not be collected for any reason, Haulible LLC reserves the right to pursue legal means to collect the remaining balance agreed upon.

18. Refunds & Cancellations: In order to cancel a booking, all requests must be made in writing via electronic transmission or mail. Should Customer cancel order within 24 hours of placing the order, Haulible LLC will refund Customer all monies due minus any fees incurred to Haulible LLC during that time if applicable. All domestic booking requests excluding ocean shipments in effect longer than 24 hours without reservation can be cancelled but are subject to an administrative fee of $200.00. All bookings with reservations regardless of dates will be unable to be cancelled and therefore non-refundable. In the event of Customer's refusal for release of vehicle/item for Carrier, the Customer will forfeit the right to any refund. Should Customer cancel any International and/or Ocean booking request after 24 hours of initial booking, order cancellations are subject to an administrative fee of 15% of the total cost paid. No refund will be issued for more than the deposit that Haulible LLC charged on dispatch for any reason.

19. HAULIBLE LLC and the Carrier will not be responsible for acts of God (fire, flooding, hail, sandstorm, tornadoes, earthquakes), vandalism, or objects flying from the road or sky during transport. The Customer should maintain their own insurance for these reasons. If this is a concern, the Customer can opt for enclosed transport at a higher price to ensure the condition of the vehicle.

20. HAULIBLE LLC and the Carrier will not be responsible for any of the following for any reason:

  • Demurrage at any Port Facilities
  • Damage not recorded on the BOL at either pickup or delivery, even due to poor weather or lighting conditions
  • Damage to any antennas, car phones, toll devices, etc., as they should be removed before transport
  • Any toll fees that are accrued due to a toll device being left in the vehicle
  • Loss or damage to any audio or video equipment that is not stock
  • Damage, loss, theft or fines accrued due to personal or household items left in the vehicle
  • Damage to or caused by any vehicle that cannot be driven on or off the transport under its own power. (Vehicle will not run, or has lost its braking system)
  • Damage to any cloth or vinyl convertible or decorative tops, T-tops, boots, bras, caps, or any other cloth or canvas cover or accessory
  • Damage due to any objects, fluids, etc. from the road, sky, or other vehicles
  • Damage caused by freezing of cooling/heading system and/or battery
  • Damage caused by failure of factory tie-downs or pull through from tie-down holes

21. In the event that delivery is 14 days or more after pickup, Haulible LLC will reimburse the Customer for a rental vehicle. Our reimbursement will cover up to $30 per day for up to 5 days of rental. Reimbursement will be in the form of a mailed check made out to the Customer.

22. The Customer acknowledges that, due to the instability of the current price of diesel fuel, there may be a price increase to the original quote. In the event that the price is increased, Haulible LLC will contact the Customer first to advise them of the increased cost. Agreeing to this increased price will ensure that the vehicle will be transported in a timely manner. However, the Customer reserves the right to refuse a price increase. In the event of a refusal from the Customer, Haulible LLC continue looking for a carrier at the original quoted price. Should the Customer choose this option, they agree and understand that it will most likely take longer than originally anticipated to dispatch the vehicle. Should the Customer choose to cancel their order rather than accept or refuse the price increase, the Customer will still be held financially responsible for any and all fees related to the cancellation as outlined in section 18 of this agreement.

23. The Customer acknowledges and understands that the vehicle will be driven on and off the transporter, or to and from the transporter at the pickup or delivery site unless otherwise specified at an increased price. Should the Carrier be unable to access either site, this does not relieve the Customer from making a reasonable effort to meet the truck at a suitable location. In order to fully deliver the vehicle, the Customer must be willing to travel up to 5 miles from the designated pickup or delivery point if required by the Carrier.

24. HAULIBLE LLC and the Carrier will not be held responsible for any personal or household items that are shipped in the vehicle during transport. These items are not covered by the insurance of Haulible LLC or the Carrier under any circumstance. Should the Carrier require additional fees for personal items that were left in the vehicle at the time of pickup, the Customer agrees to pay any additional fees that the Carrier requires.

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Transfer Of Rights / Maintenance Of Register

We may assign or transfer this Agreement, or any of our rights, without notice or your consent. This Agreement shall remain exclusively subject to the laws and courts of the state of Kansas. Haulible LLC ("Registrar"), acting as your irrevocably appointed agent, shall maintain at a U.S. office (1) a copy of each assignment delivered to it, and (2) a register ("Register") recording the names and addresses of the original owner and assignees, and the principal and interest owing to each from time to time pursuant to the terms of this agreement.

We (or any assignee or transferee) may at any time, without notice or your consent, sell participations to any person (a "Participant") in all or a portion of such Lender's rights and/or obligations under this Agreement; provided that (i) such Lender's obligations under this Agreement remain unchanged, and (ii) you shall continue to deal solely and directly with that Lender in connection with its rights and obligations under this Agreement. T

Protection of Minors

Our website does not permit anyone that is considered to be a minor to obtain our services. We do not knowingly collect personal identifiable information from any individual that is considered to be a minor. In the case we discover that a minor has provided us with personal information, we immediately delete this from our servers. If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that your child has provided us with personal information, please contact us so that we will be able to take necessary actions.